SCHOEPS extends offer for Double MS

SCHOEPSDoubleMSPlug in

The microphone manufacturer SCHOEPS is expanding its product line for MS and Double MS with new plugins and windshields. Double MS is a popular extension of the MS microphone technique for 5.1 surround, which consists of a compact, coincident set of three microphones. Common applications include documentary, ambience recordings for feature films, music recording and ENG.

The three microphone signals of a Double MS setup must be MS dematrixed before being used. This is possible with two common MS matrices, which are available in any typical DAW or recorder. An even simpler and more elegant decoding method is available with the Schoeps Double MS plugin, which generates an optimal and flexible 5.1 output signal from the three input signals. The plugin is available for free in all popular formats - including AAX.

The new windshields Rycote Stereo Cyclone and CINELA Pianissimo are extremely compact, but at the same time offer very effective protection against wind noise and, thanks to their open design, have optimal sound. A modern double MS windshield is no longer distinguishable from a compact Mono windshield and is just as suitable for use on a boom pole.

The assembly of microphones in modern windshields has become even more simple and reliable. For elegant and fail-safe installation, the SCHOEPS CCM microphones are optionally available with a fixed pin that fits into the groove of the suspension in the Rycote Cyclone.

SCHOEPS also announces news for the much acclaimed ORTF-3D technology for 3D audio:

A new ORTF-3D indoor setup will meet customer requirements for a version without a windshield. In addition, a renewed ORTF-3D basket for stand mounting will be coming.