MXL VPS Bundle

Versatile podcasting bundle now available


The VPS Bundle, consisting of a high-quality MXL microphone and an excellent Marshall camera forms a complete top-quality podcasting solution. The bundle is available immediately in two variations.

The MXL BCD-1 is a professional-level radio microphone, thus forming the ideal base for high-quality podcasts and recordings. The dynamic microphone rejects sound from the sides and the back to allow for optimal results even in lively environments. The floating capsule mounting avoids mechanical noise. The HD USB camera CV502-U3 by American camera specialist Marshall Electronics is a matching companion, offering video in equally outstanding quality. The compact model transmits up to 60 frames per second in Full HD resolution (1,920 by 1,080 pixels) via USB. One highlight of this camera is the option to switch the 126° M12 lens included with the purchase with a range of optional lenses to change the picture style.

From beginner to professional: The MXL VPS Bundle provides high-quality components and all elements required to start recording immediately. The included Mic Mate Pro is an XLR-USB-adapter comprised of an integrated mic preamp, A/D converter and headphone jack. The Mic Mate Pro easily connects the microphone to the computer without the need for any additional equipment. The adjustable headphone output also allows for latency-free monitoring of the input signal. A spring-articulated boom arm for convenient microphone positioning is also included, as is a USB 3.0 hub to connect all components to a single USB port on the computer.

The MXL VPS Bundle is available immediately in a single (SOLO) and a double (DUO) variant. It is distributed exclusively by cma audio GmbH in Europe. The DUO variant contains two microphones, two cameras and two stands to enable podcasters to record with guests and partners. The MSRP for the SOLO Bundle is 799 Euros and 1,599 Euros for the DUO variant.