Tascam with a new look and new brand orientation

Tascam further adapts its worldwide brand image, bringing a new look to both its European website and to its advertising. The discreet colouring should not only be more attractive to look at, but also underline the new brand orientation. In future, the company would like to focus more on its roots and give priority to high-quality products for professional use on the road, on tour, in the studio and for installation.

Tascam is also introducing its new catchphrase “Sound. Thinking.” which is intended to combine both meanings of sound (what you can hear and the adjective for “solid” or “reasonable”) with “thinking” to emphasize that the people behind this brand are open to every sound and concentrate all their thinking on how they can transmit and preserve that sound in a solid and reasonable way.

For decades, Tascam has been known for making solid, practical and easy to use recording devices at reasonable prices. From the 1970s to the 1990s, for example, it significantly advanced the development of professional multi-track recording with its portable studios and unique DTRS tape recorders. Current products such as the 64-track recorder DA-6400, the master recorder DA-3000 and the most recently introduced SS-CDR250N media recorder have also met with great approval from experts and have already received several awards. Tascam is therefore well on the way to continuing to offer sound engineers and ambitious musicians reliable audio tools that simplify their daily work and help them master the ever-changing technical challenges in a simple manner.

Comment from Mr. Yuji Hanabusa, TEAC Corporation President & CEO: “Since its birth in 1971, Tascam has supported the people involved in the recording and playback industry around the world, and has contributed greatly to the culture related to sound. I believe the pride of being professionals in recording and playback is Tascam’s main resource of growth, and also a great responsibility to maintain.

In this time, while developing the new catchphrase “Sound. Thinking.”, we reviewed Tascam’s core value as a brand. Tascam will continue working on its finest quality and durability to fulfill the needs and maximize the performance of people dealing with recording and playback scenes all over the world. In addition, we will provide total solutions related to sound, which only Tascam can deliver. So please keep looking forward to the future of Tascam.”