VB-AUDIO updates Voicemeeter Banana to version to provide additional audio tools and new remote functions

vm manana2041

VB-AUDIO Software has updated Voicemeeter, the Virtual Audio Mixer for Windows, to offer additional audio tools! The 8x8 gain matrix will allow managing multi speakers system on a given BUS, while the 15 Bands Graphic EQ will let you correct your P.A. System on a given BUS. Both are simple applications processing audio inside Voicemeeter thanks to our specific AUDIO API!

Voicemeeter AUDIO API is available to any developers willing to take advantage of Voicemeeter and use it as virtual audio board or simple audio system component.

While Voicemeeter is becoming a standard for gamers and streamers, the MacroButtons Application now can support HID devices to control any buttons and send request(s) to Voicemeeter (also possibly through local network thanks to VBAN-TEXT protocol). The first HID implemented device is the Elgato Stream Deck that can now be used with MacroButtons as well (while keeping the Stream Deck functions in the same time).

VBAN Protocol, more and more used in the broadcast world to transport audio on local network can also be used on internet, or by using a VPN or directly by using internet public IP-Address. The advantages of VBAN protocol to transport audio (on any network infrastructure) are the native PCM quality and the ease to setup a connection, just requiring to know the destination IP-Address.

VBAN protocol is public and free to use.