X2 High Performance Workstation by XI-MACHINES now features new Intel Xeon W processors

XI MACHINES X2 2018 perspective

XI-MACHINES now deploys Intel’s latest processor generation in its X2 high performance workstations following an exhaustively rigorous testing process. The new Intel Xeon W processors lift performance levels by as much as 114%, depending on the specific model. Performance increases of this magnitude translate into substantial time savings in day-to-day production work, in turn reducing workload on users.

The CPU is among the aspects that have seen a major overhaul for the latest X2 models, now offering 18 CPU cores instead of 8. The X2 has also been optimized for even lower latencies, and lets users expand storage space for sample libraries in a way that is exceedingly user friendly. Thanks to the backplane built into the drive cage, these can be added without needing to install a single cable. X2 workstations now support M.2- and U.2-compliant SSDs, offering extremely low access times for ultra-fast loading of samples and flawless, glitch-free overdubbing of hundreds of audio tracks.

The X2 High Performance Workstation is pre-configured for the new Thunderbolt 3 standard (a TB3 expansion card is optional) for the latest generation of external low-latency audio interfaces.

XI MACHINES X2 2018 inside audio family

XI-MACHINES has also updated the precision-made 100% aluminum housing both visually and functionally.  The X2 is presented in a sleek, all-black finish as well as chrome feet that dampen vibrations. The inner space design of the X2 is – typical for XI-MACHINES workstations – clean, systematic and air-flow optimized. Cable paths are almost completely hidden from view, while the whisper-quiet cooling system means that the studio noise floor is never exceeded, even at maximum CPU load.

Fully exploiting these new developments, the X2 provides stable, reliable and whisper-quiet 24/7 performance over a design life span of many years. The system also provides for easy filter cleaning by letting users simply remove the front panel by hand, with no tools required.  XI-MACHINES’ X2 High Performance Workstation is built by professionals for professionals and optimized for use in areas such as composition (VSL-certified), production, multi-track recording, mixing and post production, mastering and Surround/Dolby Atmos production.