Reference microphone preamp from Lake People

Lake People introduces F311 with two or four channels and sophisticated gain switching

Lake People F311

Constance-based audio manufacturer Lake People presents the multichannel microphone rackmount preamp F311. With the “Analog 11” modules known from Reference Series RS01, F311 offers reference level preamplification with minimal noise. The device uses gain switches to ensure easy recall and matching of channel settings. Phase reverse and low cut filters can be activated per channel, phantom power is engaged per channel pair. The F311 is available with two preamp modules as F311-D or with four modules as F311-Q. From 11th to 14th April, visitors of the Musikmesse / Prolight+Sound 2018 can experience the F311 and other Lake People products in hall 4.1 at booth E13.

Lake People offers compact top level microphone amplification with switchable gain in the form of the Reference Series RS01. New preamp F311 uses the RS01 technology in a two- or four-channel rackmount unit.

The Lake People F311 uses the “Analog 11” modules from the renowned Reference Series RS01. By doing so, the F311 compiles two or four channels of the immense quality of reference amplification in a single unit rack housing. Whether to enhance the number of input channels or to substitute for unsatisfactory mixing desk preamps, the F311 makes the music play with extremely low noise (-129 dB at 60 dB amplification).

Instead of using simple potentiometers for gain control, the Lake People F311 employs sophisticated rotary switches to adjust the gain level in twelve 6-dB steps from 0 to +66 dB. The stepped gain design enables effortless recall of earlier setups, for example when additional recordings are required. It also assists in keeping amplification equal between channels to guarantee the same amount of gain when recording stereo or other multichannel setups. Only through absolute similarity of the independent channels can the source material be reproduced authentically, and the F311 does this hassle-free.

For easy gain setting, the Lake People F311 has a seven segment level meter for each channel. Phantom power can be activated per channel pair, phase reverse is available per channel. A low cut filter with a slew rate of 12 dB per octave can be enabled to eliminate low frequency rumble below 70 Hz. Apart from the electronically balanced XLR outputs, the F311 also offers RCA connectors for passing on the amplified signals.

The Lake People F311 is available in two versions. The F311-D offers two preamp modules, the F311-Q packs four inputs. These options offer the perfect fit for every application. Each version comes as a single-unit 19-inch rackmount housing.

Musikmesse / Prolight+Sound 2018 attendees can experience the F311 and other Lake People products for themselves from 11th to 14th April 2018 on the Frankfurt trade show grounds. Visitors find Lake People in hall 4.1 at booth E13.

Both Lake People F311-D and F311-Q are available immediately. The estimated retails prices as stated by the manufacturer are 899 euros for the F311-D and 1499 euros for the F311-Q.