Free upgrade of the Spatial Audio Designer and the Spatial Sound Card available

SSC Pro V2 2018

New Audio Technology, well known for its marked leading immersive audio products, is proud to announce the new Spatial Audio Designer and Spatial Sound Card - Versions 2.

Spatial Audio Designer (SAD) - Version 2

It’s finally done. Right in time for the NAB 2018, the SAD V2 is released. Customers can upgrade instantly for free. The new SAD V2 supports e.g. AAX and VST3 on newest Mac and Windows versions, has a lot of workflow enhancements, supports new formats like NOKIA’s OZO Audio and got a brand-new export function. Also, a complete MPEG-H workflow to create and export masters are close to ready. It’s scheduled for the next update expected right to the NAB. A full new feature list and how to get the upgrade and trial versions are here: Tom Ammermann, general manager of New Audio Technology and Grammy nominee for ‘Best Surround Sound Album’ 2018 with Kraftwerk 3D – The Catalog said: “Honestly it was a long journey because of we had to change the SAD structure basically being ready for all the new formats in music, film, VR/AR, broadcast and industry applications. Now we started in 360 with the promising new 360 format from NOKIA, OZO Audio. Also, we spend much effort on industry applications like the support of Lawo’s LIME (Lawo Immersive Mixing Engine). The next step is finalizing the MPEG-H workflow and export for the SAD. So we’re pretty certain, the SAD will keep the market leading tool to create immersive audio in the professional domain.”

Spatial Sound Card (SAD) - Version 2

After New Audio Technology offered also an end-user version of the SSC on Steam to support high-quality binaural audio for gamers, the company spend a lot of efforts to change basic thinks under the hood being prepared for new requests in the marked like VR and AR audio. The SSC got main performance enhancements, new virtualizations and new editing options. A detailed new feature list and how to get the upgrade and a trial version is available here:

Tom Ammermann said “It was a great adventure being involved in such an amazing production like Kraftwerk 3D – The Catloge and of course I’m also very proud that Kraftwerk got the Grammy for ‘Best Electronic/Dance Album’ 2018. Every release form like Blu-Ray, MOD and vinyl was equipped with binaural Headphone Surround 3D versions, the technology we use in the SSC as well as in the SAD. We can see the euphoric reactions of Kraftwerk fans as well as the good reviews on Steam. So, we’re also sure we’re on the right way with our new product versions and still looking forward to the next updates we already work on.”