TotalMix FX version 1.50 supports remote control over network

At the NAMM Show, RME is showing the upcoming TotalMix FX version 1.50 in full action. TotalMix FX provides an extended real-time mixer interface for all RME interfaces, plus EQ, compressor / limiter and echo / reverb for current devices. Even long-standing devices that are no longer available, such as the very first Multiface from the year 2001, can use the tool that is regularly updated by RME, and benefit from new features and possibilities - for free.

The focus in version 1.50 lies on the complete remote control capability over network. TotalMix FX has long been supporting remote control via MIDI standard commands, the Mackie protocol and OSC. But these work only in banks, with limited performance, and do not use all the features available in TotalMix FX. Also the graphical surfaces differ significantly from TotalMix FX.

The iPad app TotalMix FX for iPad has a design identical to the desktop versions. However, the app has been developed specifically for the local control of an interface connected to the iPad, so on the iPad it offers the same as the desktop version on a computer with RME interface.

Version 1.50 now supports network remote over TCP. The remote consists of the program TotalMix Remote, which basically does not differ from the normal TotalMix FX. However, there is no communication to a local interface, but via network to all systems running TotalMix FX version 1.50. The software will be available free of charge for Windows, Mac OS and iOS (iPad). The update to version 1.50 of the normal desktop version is (of course) also free.

The remote software mirrors the current state of the host system on a Windows computer, Mac or iPad - the entire display of the interface, the complete routing, all settings, up to the level meters. The latter show particularly clearly the great advantage of the TCP-based remote: lowest system load and very low latency. In contrast to popular, browser-based network solutions, TotalMix FX minimizes the burden on the remote client and the host, and thrills with fluid operation
without delays. This is true even if a fader group is moved quickly, and many nodes need to process changing gain values. Even using standard WiFi, TotalMix Remote works quickly and seamlessly with TotalMix FX 1.50.

Whether a complete and clear control of the mix from a remote location, control of the mix with a Windows or iOS tablet connected via WiFi, the individual setting of monitor mixes from the respective musician, or a simple MeterBridge for all inputs, outputs and software playback channels on an additional display - the new network functionality opens up new, comfortable and versatile capabilities. And this is true for all RME interfaces since 2001 which are currently compatible with TotalMix FX.

The setup is simple: Enter the IP address of the host computer into TotalMix Remote - done. This is possible even without  additional tools, since the Host's address is displayed directly in the Network Settings page in TotalMix FX. TotalMix Remote with TotalMix FX 1.50 is capable of multi-device, multi-remote and multi-host operation. On the remote computer the extended remote functions of the normal desktop version are also available, so a remote of the remote via
MIDI and Mackie protocol, typically with fader banks in hardware, is possible (Mac and Win, not iPad). Even the popular  ARC USB, a USB-based remote control with a rotary wheel and 15 freely programmable, illuminated buttons, can beconnected to the remote computer and used with the software TotalMix Remote (not available for iPad).