Tascam Expands Dante-Enabled Lineup with Multichannel Interfaces

ml 16d ml 32d

Tascam has unveiled two innovative new additions to their line of Dante-enabled offerings. ML 32D and ML 16D are multichannel line-level-to-Dante and Dante-to-line-level interfaces designed to provide powerful and flexible connectivity between analogue and digital components.

With Dante-enabled devices becoming increasingly ubiquitous in professional AV systems, these new Tascam products empower audio engineers and systems integrators to quickly and easily connect 32 or 16 channels of audio between the analogue domain and Dante-enabled digital components, including the DA-6400, SS-R250N and SS-CDR250 audio recorders from Tascam.

ML-32D and ML-16D are limited to the essentials reducing cost and complexity. Supporting digital audio at up to 24-bit/96-kHz resolution, both units are equipped with D-Sub connectors (8 on ML-32D and 4 on ML-16D) for analogue inputs and outputs and feature front-panel LED meters to display both signal level and overload for each active channel.