VB-AUDIO updates Voicemeeter with new remoting functions


VB-AUDIO Software has updated Voicemeeter Virtual Audio Mixer for Windows to offer latest remoting functions thanks to VBAN new sub protocol to transport SERIAL (MIDI) or TEXT (Command) data on your local network. MacroButtons (installed with Voicemeeter) also support now XINPUT to manage GamePAD and let gamer control anything on Voicemeeter directly from it.

Voicemeeter now can receive MIDI messages or even TEXT commands from VBAN stream on your local network. Any MIDI Controller, remote surface or MIDI Keyboard, can then be connected to another computer to send MIDI messages or commands to one or several Voicemeeter thanks to VBAN2MIDI (application installed with this package to convert physical MIDI I/O into VBAN Stream in both way).

MACROBUTTONS can also send MIDI messages or TEXT commands to one or several Voicemeeter of the network. On Voicemeeter side, VBAN MIDI and VBAN TXT support multi users configuration per default and will receive any messages coming from any clients (for Multi Remote System). Of course Broadcast address can also be used to broadcast MIDI message or TXT command.

MACROBUTTONS allows sending command to VBAN TEXT stream (vban1 or vban2) by using simple SECTION like this in the request field:

Strip(0).mute=1; Strip(1).mute=1;
Bus(0).gain= 0.0;

While the MIDI OUT command will use VBAN MIDI stream simply by specifying vban1 instead of out1:

System.SendMidi("vban1", "note-on", channel, note, velocity);

VBAN protocol is public and free to use: more information application specifications document on: