Dynacord MXE5-64 Matrix Mix Engine Update

Dynacord MXE5 64 front

Dynacord presents an upgraded model of the MXE Matrix Mix Engine with expanded Dante connectivity. In addition to its standard 12 analog Mic/Line inputs and 8 outputs, the new MXE5-64 model features 64x64 Dante channels, raising the total channel count to 76 inputs and 72 outputs.

Building on the previous version, which introduced an open DSP architecture for customizable configuration, the latest 1.4 release of the SONICUE Sound System Software introduces advanced DSP blocks and includes user-friendly, efficient scene handling, thereby increasing audio performance and operational efficiency. The new MXE5-64 model is fully supported by this SONICUE release. The new DSP blocks consist of an Auto Mixer with gain sharing, Ambient Noise Compensation (ANC) that dynamically adjusts sound system output in response to ambient noise levels, and Automatic Gain Control (AGC) for balancing loudness variations across different input signals.

Dynacord SONICUE 1 4 automixer small

Moreover, SONICUE 1.4 enhances the TaskEngine by incorporating scene handling which can efficiently and user-friendly performed by leveraging the drag-and-drop functionality from SONICUE’s control flyouts for scene creation. The integration and control of third-party devices are further improved by a web viewer option, which is available for creating control panels in SONICUE. This feature allows for the integration of external websites of third-party devices or software applications via the SONICUE Control panel designer to be run as standalone apps on Windows and iOS devices or the TPC-1 touch panel controller. These additions mark another significant leap forward in the evolution of Dynacord’s MXE5 Matrix Mix Engine's feature set, further contributing to its usability as a powerful system DSP device.