HK Audio CM-X


The HK Audio SI SERIES, which has been specifically tailored to meet the needs of today’s installation market is known for its technical features and detailed solutions is being expanded with CM-X to include three high-quality ceiling speakers with customisable appearance, simple installation and operation as well as uncompromising sound quality. Wherever music and speech need to be more than just in the background SI SERIES CM-X ("Ceiling Mounted") is the ideal tool: In cafés, restaurants and bars, event catering, hotels, conference environments, retail or community and club centres the CM-X fit into the project as part of a high-quality system solution.

The front of the speakers features the coaxial two-way speaker arrangement.The CM-X speakers are equipped with 4” (CM-4), 6.5" (CM-6) and 8" (CM-8) polypropylene woofers/midrange transducers and 0.75" (CM-4) and 1" (CM-6, CM-8) aluminium dome tweeters in line with their product designation. The power selector switch on the front for switching between low-Z (8 Ohm) or high-Z (100/70 V) and the respective power taps of the integrated transformer can be operated without tools, even during operation, thanks to the magnetically attached front grille. A black and white front grille are included in the scope of delivery.

The enclosure of the speakers with high-quality steel back can is very rigid and low-resonance thanks to its special shape and reinforcements. As a result, there are no disadvantages in terms of sound, such as those associated with inexpensive ceiling speakers in the form of rattling noises or resonances. All plastics used for the SI SERIES CM-X are manufactured with special flame retardant additives so that the relevant international safety standards are met as standard.

The CM-4, CM-6 and CM-8 can also be used as part of a sound system for emergency purposes in accordance with EN 50849 and thus fulfil a dual function - with corresponding cost benefits for the owner. They can be combined with other HK Audio installation products like VORTIS (2), SI SERIES or FINEO to ensure a homogeneous sound transition to the main PA system.

All CM-X speakers can be installed in ceilings without any additional accessories. Suitable C-rings and load distribution bridges are available as optional accessories for installation in suspended ceiling systems with limited load-bearing capacity. Thanks to extensive filter data for many different digital signal processors (DSPs), integrators' work is made noticeably easier. Specialist planners can access the simulation data in GLL format for EASE (4.4/5) and EASE EVAC (2).