NTi Audio GSS 5GV Vibration Monitor Device

NTiAudio 3Achsen Monitor

NTi Audio introduces a three-axis vibration monitor device into their product portfolio. The GSS 5GV conveniently complements their environmental noise monitoring solution by adding vibration of buildings and structures to the measured results. This gives a more detailed combined view of sound and vibration of a supervised site.

The 5GV provides results conforming with DIN 45669-1, such as:

  • Peak amplitude/frequency values using zero-crossing or FFT method
  • PPV (Peak Particle Velocity)
  • PVS (Peak Vector Sum)
  • PCPV (Peak Component Particle Velocity)
  • DF (Dominant Frequency)
  • and more …

Thresholds can be defined to trigger alerts. A low-power design allows autonomous operation for several months. Three MEMS sensors guarantee reliable, precise and accurate results. The rugged metal housing is suitable for applications in harsh environments. Access is provided through an integrated 3G/4G gateway.