HK Audio LINEAR Series DSP OUT Factory Presets

HK Audio DSP Out FactoryPresets

HK Audio speakers from the LINEAR 5 MKII, LINEAR 7, LINEAR 9 and LINEAR 5 or LINEAR SUB series can now be easily combined with each other. This is made possible by the DSP OUT of the current LINEAR 5 MK II, LINEAR 7 and LINEAR 9 series and the DSP OUT Factory Presets. All presets have been optimised by the developers at HK AUDIO to suit the respective speaker combinations and guarantee the highest sound quality and operational reliability. To combine the speakers, simply download the preset library and select the desired preset in the DSP CONTROL software. Each preset comes with detailed instructions on wiring and settings.

The DSP OUT Factory Presets for the LINEAR 5 MK II series are now available in the download area of the LINEAR 5 MK II product page at the website below. Further DSP OUT Factory Presets for LINEAR 7 and LINEAR 9 will follow.