Audio-Technica DECT Receiver


Audio-Technica has unveiled its new ESW-R4180LK Eight Channel Receiver with Audio-Technica LINK proprietary communication protocol, for use within the brand’s DECT-based Engineered Sound Wireless ecosystem. Using a single standard Cat5E cable for both power delivery and audio, the ESW-R4180LK handles up to eight channels of audio, with AT-Link leveraging IP (Internet Protocol) technology for transmission of uncompressed multi-channel digital audio and for information control with minimal latency. One of the key advantages of AT-Link is the ability to power AT-Link endpoint devices, eliminating the need for a power cable or standard PoE switch.

The receiver can be daisy-chained to simplify installation, eliminating the need for additional power delivery – a significant benefit over other IP technology-based communication protocols which typically require a star topology connection to an Ethernet (PoE) switch. In addition, mix-out channels can be used when there are not enough input channels for the audio destination for added flexibility and each channel features a high-pass filter. Audio-Technica’s Wireless Manager software allows users to check reception status, audio level, battery level and other information for each AT-Link transmitter.

As the demand for wireless microphones continues to grow in line with the increasing prevalence of video- and web-conferencing, Audio-Technica’s ESW DECT wireless solution offers simple, smart and scalable high-quality audio. The system overcomes challenges of conventional wireless microphones such as frequency coordination, making it simple and cost-effective to both install and operate.

The ESW-R4180LK will make its ISE debut at the 2024 show on the Audio-Technica stand, number 3R500.