ASI Audio appoints 3DWave Audio for UK Distribution

ASI Audio SelmaBecker Parker MathewHarwood
L-R: Selma Becker-Parker, Mathew Harwood

ASI Audio, manufacturer of the innovative 3DME in-ear monitoring system, announces the appointment of 3DWave Audio as the exclusive distributor for the United Kingdom. 3DWave Audio is a newly formed Pro Audio Distribution firm established by Selma Becker-Parker (premier audiologist for UK musicians) and Mathew Harwood (veteran music distributor and founder of Unearthed Sounds). The announcement was made by Evan MacKenzie, VP of Marketing and Sales for ASI Audio, and underscores ASI’s ongoing expansion and penetration into new markets.

3DWave Audio will focus its distribution efforts on behalf of ASI on the UK musician and DJ markets along with ancillary markets where hearing health and protection are critical. “We have been looking for a UK partner that has the ability to focus on building our brand and increasing product awareness of the unique feature set of our 3DME In Ear Monitor system. With Selma’s decades of trusted relationships in the UK with high-profile artists as THE musician’s audiologist, and Mat’s front line experience with cutting-edge music production and distribution, we fully believe in their ability to grow our business in the UK,” stated Evan MacKenzie.

Having provided hearing protection and in-ear monitors (IEMs) to numerous musicians, Selma Becker-Parker was excited to discover the ASI Audio 3DME system. She stated, “As a personal friend and colleague of Dr. Michael Santucci from Sensaphonics, the inventor of 3DME, I recognized a unique opportunity when ASI Audio sought UK distribution. Teaming up with Mat, we have embarked on this journey without hesitation.”

Mathew Harwood added, “This revolutionary system not only enhances the performance experience but also addresses the unique needs of musicians, DJs, and production enthusiasts. With its immersive monitoring capabilities and impeccable sound quality, the 3DME is set to empower artists in ways never before imagined. We’re excited to bring this transformative solution to the forefront of the UK music industry. We are thrilled to be part of this exciting partnership with ASI Audio. Our dedication to providing innovative solutions aligns perfectly with the cutting-edge technology of the 3DME Gen2.”