Sennheiser LM 6070

Sennheiser LM 6070

Sennheiser is now shipping a professional charging solution for its Evolution Wireless Digital family: The LM 6070 charging module enables professional users to conveniently recharge BA 70 batteries in the rack-mount L 6000 charger. One LM 6070 can recharge two BA 70 batteries, with the L 6000 (19”, 1U) accommodating four of these modules. Three-colour LEDs for each charging bay show the battery status at a glance, with more details on the charging process available in the Wireless Systems Manager software. Before using the LM 6070 in an existing L 6000 charger, operators need to download the latest firmware version at the website below.

Sennheiser L 6000 LM 6070

The Wireless Systems Manager software has been updated to support the new charging option. Version is available for Windows and macOS platforms and can be downloaded also at the website below. The new WSM version also supports bulk operations for simultaneously restarting, resetting and audio-resetting multiple selected EW-DX devices. Enhanced messaging, improved functionality and bug fixes round off the new software version.

Sennheiser WSM 4 6 0 4 small

The Smart Assist app has been updated, too. Version 2.0.5 now supports a “light” landscape mode and carries the latest EW-DP firmware version 1.9.0, which resolves a scanning issue that some users of the EW-DP camera microphone systems experienced. Auto-scan will now perform a complete spectrum scan in just three seconds and provide users with the best available frequency. If EW-DP is operated in congested spectrum, the receiver will notify the user that range may be limited so that precautions can be taken.

Sennheiser EW DP App

The EW-DP firmware update is rolled out via the update of the Smart Assist app, so all EW-DP users are kindly requested to download the latest app version from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. The app will automatically push firmware 1.9.0 to all connected EW-DP EK receivers. Integration of EW-DX into the Smart Assist app is scheduled for October 2023.