Yamaha bundles Nuendo Live 3 with Digital Consoles

Yamaha QL NUENDO live3

Yamaha announces that it is bundling Steinberg Nuendo Live 3 recording software with new RIVAGE PM5 and PM3, DM7, CL, QL and TF series digital mixers, providing an enhanced, more comfortable live recording environment for mixing engineers. Steinberg’s streamlined Nuendo Live multitrack digital recording software is designed especially for live recording engineers, production houses and rental companies. Nuendo Live puts the emphasis on reliability, user-friendly operation and superior sound quality, its tight integration with Yamaha RIVAGE PM, DM7, CL and QL series mixers meaning channel names, markers and transport functions can be remotely controlled from the console. In short, Nuendo Live lets live engineers concentrate on what is most important: the show.

Building on the success of its predecessors, Nuendo Live 3 adds several key features which make the live recording process faster, more flexible and with even better audio quality. In the live environment, it’s easy for a hardware USB eLicenser to be lost, damaged, stolen or accidentally knocked out of the recording computer. Nuendo Live 3 supports Steinberg Licensing, an account-based license management system which means this is no longer an issue. It also offers the advantage of working offline, allowing easier setup of recording sessions in advance.

A new Project Template Assistant offers a simplified workflow where, instead of saving files as a dedicated template format, any Nuendo Live 3 project can be used as a template for the next recording. For example, if an artist is playing several shows, the setup from recording the first one can be quickly and easily saved as a new project for the next. Nuendo Live 3 also offers native support for Apple silicon and Arm processors, taking full advantage of the efficiency and processing power of current Macintosh computers, without the risk of glitches or CPU overload.

The audio engine has also been updated to the same as Cubase and Nuendo’s latest generation engines. Optimized to work with the latest processors, this and a new user interface with HiDPi support take Nuendo Live 3 to a new level of efficiency and ease of use.

“The beauty of Nuendo Live is its simplicity - the sole focus is on reliability and quality, with no unnecessary features. With version 3, we’re bringing it up to par with the latest technologies, while also improving its performance and usability,” says Luis Dongo, Senior Marketing Manager at Steinberg.

Thomas Hemery, Yamaha General Manager of Global Marketing and Sales, Professional Solutions Division adds, “We are pleased to deliver the enhanced versatility and sound of Steinberg’s streamlined, state-of-the-art live recording solution. And with closer cooperation between Yamaha and Steinberg, which are both Yamaha Group brands, we are making the integration between Yamaha mixing consoles and Steinberg software even tighter.”