Riedel’s Artist-1024 & Bolero on Stage at Bavarian State Opera

Riedel BavarianStateOpera NicoSutter
Nico Sutter

Riedel Communications today announced that Bayerische Staatsoper, the renowned Bavarian State Opera that stages performances at Munich’s National Theatre, has replaced a variety of radio communications systems with an Artist-1024 digital matrix intercom system and Bolero wireless intercom system. Planned and completed with the assistance of planning office ibb Burrer & Deuring engineering and systems integrator Zeiler-Technik, the unified Riedel installation provides complete coverage of the opera house, serving as a future-proof solution for ensuring clear, reliable communication even as the available frequency band becomes narrower.

“The unification of all our communication equipment, thanks to Riedel’s Artist and Bolero, guarantees that all commands now reach involved users intelligibly and without delay,” said Nico Sutter, Head of Technical Division at Bayerische Staatsoper and project manager for the renovation. “More effective communication of safety-related information has improved our ability to perform stage-related activities safely and efficiently, and better communications allow for a less stressful daily working environment for individual employees working on stage.”

The Bavarian State Opera, one of the world's leading opera houses, now sets technical standards not only artistically, but also in stage communication for all trades, such as extras, costume, makeup, props, decoration, stage technology, mechanical, gallery, video, sound, lighting, event management, and stage management. The state-of-the-art intercom system enables reliable, real-time communication supporting both operations and the on-stage presentation.

Riedel BavarianStateOpera Panel

Prior to the installation of the Riedel intercom system, communications among technical and artistic team members on the main stage during technical installations, alterations, rehearsals, and performances were carried out via four different communication systems with four separate interfaces. With its deployment of 45 intercom panels and a Bolero system supporting more than 90 beltpacks, Zeiler-Technik installed completely independent network cabling with fiber backbone for intercom, building a comprehensive platform that completely unifies communications. To ensure coverage and permanent availability of beltpacks in the main stage area, the company installed a total of 56 access points or antennas in the stage house, mezzanine, and rehearsal building.

“Theatre productions are growing more complex and massive all the time, making reliable communications all the more essential,” said Niklas Rautenberg, Team Lead for Sales, Germany, at Riedel Communications “The new intercom system at the Bayerische Staatsoper will not only help technical and artistic staff work together smoothly through an enormous repertoire over the course of a season but also ensure that the opera house is fit to produce
the next 25 years of high culture in Munich.”