40th Anniversary of G Jones and Henley Festival Partnership

MartinAudio HenleyFestival Day Three Atmos

Henley Festival, known for its refinement and elegance, made a triumphant return this year, commemorating a significant milestone. RG Jones Senior Project Manager, the provider of sound systems, celebrated four decades of collaboration with the festival. The breathtaking riverside location presented unique audio challenges, particularly with the iconic Floating Stage.

Overcoming the technical feat of achieving consistent audio coverage for both the audience inside and outside the auditorium, given the relatively short front-to-back distance and expansive space, RG Jones, under the guidance of designer Simon Honywill, tackled the challenge with the acclaimed MLA Compact system from Martin Audio. The advanced control technology of MLA enabled precise adjustments to meet licence conditions, ensuring optimal sound levels and minimising offsite noise.

The festival showcased an extraordinary line-up featuring Rag'n'Bone Man, Westlife, Nile Rodgers & CHIC, Ministry of Sound Classical and more. Audiences were treated to unforgettable performances without any noise complaints. The closing night featured the exceptional talents of the Kanneh-Mason Trio, Ronnie Scott's jazz club, Boney M., and a comedy set by Jack Dee.

RG Jones also provided cutting-edge audio solutions for various support and specialist club stages using Martin Audio's CDD Live, TORUS, and Wavefront Precision systems, with over 140 products deployed throughout the site. However, this year introduced a new addition to the line-up - the Rise Stage.

In honour of the festival's 40th anniversary, the Rise initiative was launched, and as the festival enters its 41st year, the Rise Stage was introduced to support the next generation of talented performers and technicians in the creative arts industry. The Rise Stage offers paid opportunities for young musicians, comedians, and visual artists, while also providing valuable work experience with leading lighting and sound companies, as well as in marketing and PR, for aspiring backstage staff.

MartinAudio HenleyFestival Day Five Atmos

Simon Honywill expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "Henley Festival's close collaboration with the Rise charity is truly remarkable. When the introduction of the Rise Stage was being discussed, I wholeheartedly supported the initiative and offered to extend the partnership by inviting two LIPA students to run the stage throughout the festival. It's wonderful to provide these talented students with invaluable on-site experience."

The thriving partnership between RG Jones and Henley Festival continues to flourish, showcasing innovation, exceptional sound quality, and a deep commitment to nurturing young talent in the industry.