Ambient Flag Extension for Sennheiser Handhelds

Ambient Sennheiser flag extension

Ambient has added another member to their well-known Ambient Handheld Adapter series. Especially for users of current Sennheiser wireless mics Ambient created a so-called Flag Extension. This is an adapter with the purpose to extend the length of the mic. This allows using microphone flags or big custom windshields without compromising any functions of the mic.

The Ambient Flag Extension solves the problem that you weren't able to press the "Push-To-Talk" button or see the display when using branded flags or big windshields. You can also use the Flag Extension with other microphone brands if you combine it with our existing Ambient Handheld Adapters.

In a Nutshell:

  • Compatible with current Sennheiser handheld transmitters (e.g. SKM 6000, SKM 9000, EW-D SKM-S)
  • Bundle with two sizes (length of 3 cm or 4,5 cm)
  • Allows the use of larger windshields or microphone flags without affecting the function of the handheld transmitter
  • Compatible with other Ambient Handheld Adapters
  • Easy installation: The screw-on mechanism ensures a secure hold and reliable connection.
  • Robust construction for the demands of stage and live performances.

The new Flag Extension is available now on the website below or at your trusted local dealer.