Not only audio signals but also DMX signals often have to be combined via stagebox in professional use. The DMXV TrussLink Stagebox series by KLOTZ is specially designed for this purpose.

The lightweight but extremely robust aluminum housing is powder-coated black and features abrasion-resistant laser engraving. It accommodates 8 or 12 channels and RMP multipin connectors to MIL-C-5015 standard. The paired Neutrik® XLR 5p. chassis jacks with hard gold-plated contacts can be used as input or output. Maximum flexibility is offered by the 12 channel version DMXV-04FM, which provides 8 channels with XLR 5p. and 4 channels with XLR 3p. sockets. Thus, in addition to the 8 DMX channels via XLR 5p., 4 channels can also be used for DMX via XLR 3p., AES/EBU or analog microphone and line audio signals.

TrussLink stage boxes of the DMXV series can be used both on the floor and in the rig. For this purpose, the housing is equipped with non-slip rubber feet, an M10 thread on the bottom and four eyelets for safety ropes.

The TrussLink DMX Stagebox is available in the following variants:

  • DMXV-0808F: 8 x XLR 5p F||M - 1 x RMP 25p F
  • DMXV-0808M: 8 x XLR 5p F||M - 1 x RMP 25p M
  • DMXV-0808MF: 8 x XLR 5p F||M - 2 x RMP 25p F||M
  • DMXV-04FM: 8 x XLR 5p F||M + 4 x XLR 3p F||M - 2 x RMP 37p F||M
  • DMXV-1212M: 12 x XLR 5p F||M - 1 x RMP 37p M
  • DMXV-1212MF: 12 x XLR 5p F||M - 2 x RMP 37p F||M