Vienna Symphonic Library SYNCHRON-ized Voices

Four new virtual instruments featuring choirs, solo singers and a whistler

VSL SYNCHRONizedSoloVoices GUI GlissPerfEQ small

The Vienna Symphonic Library announces the release of four new products that feature the human voice: SYNCHRON-ized Vienna Choir features ensembles of sopranos, altos, tenors and basses. SYNCHRON-ized Soprano Choir is another, additional ensemble consisting of 16 female singers. SYNCHRON-ized Solo Voices offers coloratura soprano, soprano, mezzo soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, and bass. The SYNCHRON-ized Whistler features performances by Marcus Schmidinger, a horn player and art whistler from Vienna.

All Collections bring the performances of the Vienna’s acclaimed Voices Libraries of the VI Series to the powerful capabilities of the Vienna Synchron Player. The entire sample database was re-edited, updated and optimized for Vienna’s proprietary sample player to achieve improvements in terms of authenticity, usability and flexibility. All products are currently available at introductory prices, starting at €40. Upgrade paths from the corresponding VI Series Libraries are available, starting at €10. The SYNCHRON-ized Voices Bundle contains all four products at a reduced bundle price.

All ensembles and soloists were recorded in Vienna’s second studio, the Silent Stage, a recording facility with a tight, controlled ambience specifically designed and built for recording samples. The short ambience of this room allows for placement of the singers in any virtual acoustic environment.

Using the Synchron Player’s reverberation and placement presets users can position each ensemble or soloist at the perfect spot in the large hall of Vienna’s own scoring stage, Synchron Stage Vienna, with options such as close, classic, and distant. This way they perfectly blend with any other product of the Synchron Series, resulting in a production-ready sound “out of the box”.

But these virtual instruments are much more flexible. By turning off the internal convolution and algorithmic reverb of the Vienna Synchron Player the singers can be placed in any virtual acoustic environment, from dry closets to cathedrals, from the authentic natural rooms provided by Vienna MIR Pro 3D to artificial reverb and delay effects. The Synchron Player provides a variety of FX presets in the Mixer Preset menu.

Vienna’s team of sound editors recreated a perfectly balanced and pristine-sounding sample database that lives up to the high standards of the SYNCHRON-ized Series. The meticulously balanced volume levels of the recordings guarantee seamless note transitions when moving from one articulation to the next. Velocity crossfading has been further optimized for extra-smooth volume changes. All legato transitions have been considerably improved, and the new release sample technology greatly increases the flexibility and usability of many articulations. Notes such as crescendos and diminuendos can be played at various lengths and always trigger the correct release sounds. This way, for instance, it is possible to use the first part of crescendo notes as soft portato articulations, or the first part of diminuendo notes as an espressivo technique with a slight decrescendo that sounds very musical and natural.