sE Electronics V7 SWITCH

Handheld Dynamic Microphone

sE V7 SWITCH Capsule 8075

sE Electronics announces the V7 SWITCH, the latest iteration of the TEC award-winning V7 super-cardioid dynamic handheld microphone.

The V7 SWITCH carries the torch with the same excellent off-axis rejection and higher gain before feedback, just like the original V7. Thanks to its silent reed element design, the V7 SWITCH has noiseless, click-free operation with a recessed lockable switch to protect your switch from potential snags or when placed on a clip. Whether used as a talkback microphone by sound engineers or the mic-of-choice for a personal PA in a worship setting to name a few of the many applications, the V7 SWITCH is a great-sounding multi-purpose microphone, ready to go when you need it to be. Experience crisp, open sound like you’ve never heard on stage, featuring a beveled edge that keeps this mic by your side.

The V7 SWITCH has a price of $149 USD / €119 EUR and comes complete with a mic stand clip, thread adapter, carrying pouch, a red internal windscreen as well as an extra spare black internal windscreen, just in case our stylish “sE Red” isn’t your color.