Spatial Audio Designer and Spatial Sound Card - Pro Version 3.0 available

Including MPEG-H Encoder and Spatial Sound Card-Pro now featuring an output limiter

SAD 01

The Spatial Audio Designer (SAD) from New Audio Technology GmbH is the market-leading high-performance surround and 3D audio tool for content creation and monitoring for movies, music, games, VR, broadcast events, and other industry audio installations and solutions.

Without the need for a dedicated multi-speaker immersive monitor system, the SAD allows for mixing and monitoring of any immersive (surround or 3D) audio format with loudspeakers or regular headphones with any DAW.

Since it was used for the audio mix of the Lucas Film „Red Tails“ 10 years ago the SAD is the go-to Plug-In for immersive audio. Any DAW, even the already multichannel and surround supporting DAWs profit from SAD’s object-based flexibility.

SAD 3.0 supports mixing formats like 5.1, 7.1, Auro-3D, DTS, Dolby Atmos, 22.2, and MPEG-H. The outstanding binaural speaker simulation even supports immersive audio production workflows completely independent from dedicated speaker systems with regular headphones.

SAD 02 small

Version 3.0 also completes the Spatial Audio Designer with additional binaural measurements from an anechoic chamber. The user interface now offers more flexibility in scalability and adds a new dome panning grid. 

The MPEG-H Workflow now utilizes the latest processing engine from Fraunhofer IIS. This includes the creation and export of multichannel masters that are ready to get converted to Sony 360 RA masters. The new SAD Export & Encode tool also supports Dolby Atmos ADM converting to channel-based masters and it can encode MPEG-H masters as well as channel-based masters to MPEG-H including video.

The Spatial Sound Card-Pro (SSC) is renowned amongst audio and music producers as well as media agencies as a powerful monitoring tool. SSC just appears as the computer’s standard audio device and can receive up to 7.1 streams from any audio source like games, audio, and video workstations, media players like VLC, or browsers and allows for monitoring the streams with regular headphones via a selection of virtual loudspeaker systems. SSC offers over 70 „Locations“ (virtual studios) and now adds an anechoic chamber to the roster. Last but not least the SSC now also features an output limiter that takes care of unwanted clipping of the multichannel playbacks (especially on Windows).

The upgrade to Spatial Audio Designer Version 3.0 is free for all current owners. Further locations of planetariums, Dolby Atmos dub stages, and unechoed chambers will follow in version 3.1 soon.