KLOTZ - professional StarQuad microphone cable drum

M4 StarQuad cable drum with XLR 3p. by Neutrik and protective caps

Klotz M4X1 100

The M4 StarQuad microphone cable drum is the perfect solution for events and sound recordings with high demands.

KLOTZ uses a 4-core StarQuad SQ422Y microphone cable with black PVC jacket and a conductor cross-section of 4 x 0.22 mm² (AWG 24). To avoid hum and noise caused by inductive magnetic fields, the two opposite wires are connected. This „quad connection“ of the microphone cable provides a solid conductor cross-section of 2 x 0.44 mm² (AWG 21). The four wires of the StarQuad cable are twisted symmetrically and, in combination with the dense braided shield made of tinned copper and a coverage of more than 90 %, ensure a perfect shielding of the cable.

The cable drum made of break-proof plastic is equipped with a friction brake. The StarQuad cable is terminated with black chromed XLR 3p. Neutrik® connectors and XLR protective caps. At the cable drums winding bracket, the XLR male cable end is flexibly available in a length of 2m. Both cable ends are also equipped with transparent heat-shrink sleeves for free labelling.

The M4 StarQuad cable drum is available in lengths of 50m, 75m and 100m and ensures interference-free transmission of balanced microphone and line audio signals even over long distances - of course, "Made in Germany" with the 6-fold KLOTZ quality control according to ISO 9001:2015.