Trinnov Audio: Upgradable D-MON and new features extend support of Dolby Atmos

TrinnovAudio DMON2020

Trinnov Audio announces a complete change of its D-MON Processor range and new features to meet studio requirements as the music industry adopts Dolby Atmos.

The following changes will be effective in December 2021.

  • New option increases the number of Optimization channels from 12 up to 18*
  • New offering the two existing fixed configurations, D-MON 6 and D-MON 12, are replaced by a single hardware model, upgradable from 6 to 18 optimization channels by way of software updates, by increment of 2 channels
  • New software release includes new features:
    - Support for new Dolby Atmos formats
    - Support for multiple subwoofers
    - Matrix bass management
    - Ravenna / AES67 support (Dante compatible)

*This option is available for new D-MON and brand new D-MON 12 sold in 2020 and 2021. To extend these options to all D-MON, Trinnov also announces D-MON sold before 2020 will be upgradable to the current specification in 2022.

Up to Dolby Atmos 9.3.6

In terms of processing power, D-MON hardware can support up to 12 channels at 96kHz. Given the requirements of Dolby Atmos, the number of Optimization channels is now being increased to a maximum of 18 with a maximum sampling rate of 48kHz. The next software release also adds support for new Dolby Atmos speaker configurations. Previously limited to 7.1.4, the D-MON now supports wide channels and up to three pairs of top speakers. In addition, D-MON now supports multiple subwoofers and brings a new dedicated configuration page for bass management.

TrinnovAudio Matrix BM small

With our Matrix Bass Management, you can bass manage any channel to any combination of subwoofers. The advanced mode allows you to fine tune the crossover filters for each channel.

The next D-MON software release adds 16 extra inputs and 16 extra outputs via Ravenna at 48kHz, free of charge. Ravenna is fully compatible with AES67, which provides a compatibility mode with other audio over IP implementations like Dante. Audio IP streams can be handled via the Merging Aneman audio network manager. D-MON sources and outputs are automatically created upon streams declaration and subscription. Note that this software implementation cannot be elected as a grand master / leader clock on the local network* and that it is currently not possible to drive speaker sets via AoIP outputs.

The D-MON was first introduced with four different models and no upgrade path.From December 1st onwards, every D-MON coming out of the factory will share the same hardware platform and an upgrade path will be available by way of software updates. Studio owners and sound engineers will now have the ability to choose the right amount of optimization channels for their studio, going from 6 up to 18 by increment of 2 channels.

Because we feel it would be better not to leave anyone behind, we will launch an upgrade campaign in 2022.  Any D-MON owner will have the option to upgrade his processor to current specification and benefit from the same upgradeability. The Upgrade will not require the return of the processor to Trinnov office but will require the assistance of an authorized Trinnov reseller. For more information, please contact your local pro audio Trinnov reseller.

*This means that the D-MON must follow any hardware device that can deliver a PTP Grandmaster clock, and to maintain clock accuracy over time, PTP Grandmaster clock devices and D-MON must be kept in sync via AES/EBU or Word Clock.