Professional DI boxes with Bluetooth 5.0 and USB-C: UNiKA PRO-BT5 and PRO-USB

MegaAudio UNiKA PRO BT5 small

The new PRO series by UNiKA consists of direct injection boxes for various applications. The models PRO-BT5 and PRO-USB provide high-quality, low-effort integration of computers and mobile devices into professional audio environments. Outstanding sound and high standards regarding materials and craftsmanship are UNiKA hallmarks.

With UNiKA PRO-BT5 and PRO-USB, digital audio can very easily be connected with professional stage or studio environments. With Bluetooth 5.0 or USB-C respectively, modern smartphones, tablets or laptops seamlessly integrate into existing audio setups. The PRO series DI boxes feature the specially developed transformer EI30A10E 1+1:1+1, ensuring top quality and reliability when connecting with the analogue domain. A copper foil layer and a dedicated ground layer guarantee outstanding high-frequency suppression, great signal-to-noise ratio and a very high dynamic range.

UNiKA PRO-BT5 uses Bluetooth 5.0 for its audio transmission. The digital signal is then translated into analogue audio with a resolution of 44.1 kHz at 16 bit, qualifying the PRO-BT5 for wireless music playback from mobile devices. The transmission range of up to 35 metres makes sure that the connection remains intact even in larger venues. Power supply can be handled through a standard smartphone charger or a power bank, providing 5V of power via USB-C.

UNiKA PRO-USB functions as a professional-level audio interface with convenient USB-C plug-and-play operation for all systems without the necessity to install drivers. Being the first DI box with USB-C, the PRO-USB allows recent smartphones, tablets and laptops to be integrated on stage or in the studio without much hassle. The high-quality DA conversion works with up to 32 bit and 192 kHz, supporting all common formats including “Direct Stream Digital” (DSD).

MegaAudio UNiKA PRO USB small

Both PRO-BT5 and PRO-USB feature a 3.5-mm monitor output for headphones of all kinds. Even sophisticated studio headphones can be driven with the DI boxes. A dedicated, stepped volume knob controls the headphone level. The balanced XLR stereo outputs transmit the signal over long distances to mixing consoles, preamps or active speakers. LEDs signal operation status and data transfer. The fine electronics are built into a sturdy steel housing with a foam pad on the bottom to prevent the devices from slipping.

UNiKA PRO-BT5 and UNiKA PRO-USB are distributed exclusively via Mega Audio to all Europe, the Middle East and Africa and available immediately.