Violectric Chronos

mobile DAC and headphone amplifier for perfect sound on the go

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Among hifi enthusiasts, headphone amplifiers and DA converters from Violectric have long been considered references. With Chronos, the manufacturer from Lake Constance in Germany now presents a combination of high-quality headphone amp and DAC for mobile devices. Violectric sound quality to go.

Compact, elegant, with impeccable sound – and always at hand: Chronos brings the faithful Violectric sound to mobile devices. The innovations from the company’s manufacture in Constance, Germany, have been employed in recording and broadcast studios around the world for over 35 years and are highly regarded by hifi enthusiasts. Acknowledging the trend towards mobile music enjoyment as opposed to the listening room at home, Violectric has developed Chronos. It replaces the generally low-budget and low-effort DACs and amplifiers integrated into mobile devices, offering outstanding performance even for high-resolution formats that continue to gain popularity. The casing milled from solid metal is closed at the top and bottom by glass plates. In addition to its elegant looks, Chronos features exquisite audio technology. Connected through a simple USB-C cable, it brings first-class sound to every Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop.

Despite literally being pocket-sized with its dimensions of 44.5 by 24 by 10 millimetres, Chronos boasts the sonic properties of much larger, stationary devices. Its DA converter chip can work with files up to 384 kHz at 32 bit and can even decode DSD 256. A dynamic range of 130 dB and ultra-low distortion enable outstanding sound everywhere. The years of experience Violectric has with developing audiophile headphone amplifiers is reflected in the technical specifications of Chronos: two times 30 mW output power at 32 Ohms or two times 5 mW at 600 Ohms respectively. More demanding headphones that are usually beyond the capabilities of amplifiers and DACs in mobile devices can easily be driven with Chronos.

Enjoying the exciting audio quality Violectric Chronos provides is quick and effortless: the compact companion is just connected via one of the three cables included with the purchase, covering USB-C, Micro USB and Lightning. Chronos then immediately plays – a driver installation is not necessary as Chronos is instantly recognized as an audio device by iOS, Android, Windows 10 and macOS. With a power consumption of maximum 200 mA, the compact sound machine has a very small impact on the mobile device’s battery – for a long-lasting sound experience.

Following the Violectric tradition, Chronos presents a simple, elegant housing, perfectly matching the styling of modern mobile devices. Milled from a solid block of metal, the matt black sides and high-gloss polished edges underline the robust construction mobile applications demand. Top and bottom of the audiophile companion are created from glass plates, adding a very distinctive, subtle charm to the design while also fulfilling a function. When audio data is played back, the writing glows green for PCM, while elegant blue indicates high-resolution DSD-playback. High-quality buttons on the side control the volume. Chronos stands for immaculate sonic delight – Violectric sound on the go.

Headphone amplifier and DAC Violectric Chronos is available from end of July from select retailers and via Price will be app.199 Euros.