KLOTZ expands PRO DMX cable range

PRO DMX cable series now also available with XLR 3 p. connectors

Klotz LX2 3X1K2 p

In addition to the successful Pro DMX cables of the LX-5X series with XLR 5 p. connectors, KLOTZ now offers these cable series alternatively with XLR 3 p. connectors (LX-3X). For the LX series, KLOTZ uses only high-quality digital cables with an exact characteristic impedance of 110 ohms.

The LX2 is an ultra-flexible touring DMX cable made from the high-end OT2000 digital cable. The unbeatable price/performance ratio of the LX2 makes this universal DMX cable an absolute bestseller. The LX3 uses the OT206Y double shielded supreme digital cable with black jacket, while the LX4 is made with the OT206Y with blue jacket. For the LX5 series, KLOTZ uses the robust and road-ready OT206PB cable with blue PUR jacket, making this cable ideal for rough everyday touring. The range is rounded off by the LX6 with complete five-way pin assignment. The double-shielded supreme digital cable DC422CY guarantees interference-free data transmission even over very long distances thanks to the use of an AL/PET foil and an additional copper braided shield.

The KLOTZ PRO DMX cable series are equipped with transparent shrink sleeves on both sides and are available with both XLR 3 p. and XLR 5 p. connectors by KLOTZ or Neutrik - of course, as always, "Made in Germany" with the 6-fold KLOTZ quality control according to ISO 9001:2015.

The patented KLOTZ packaging also ensures optimum presentation on the display.