iZotope Upgrades AI-Powered Audio Assistants in Nectar Pro and Ozone Pro

iZotope assistants update hero 1

Today, iZotope is unveiling upgrades to the AI-powered audio assistants within Nectar Pro and Ozone Pro, two of the plug-ins included in iZotope’s Producers Club and Music Production Suite Pro memberships. Users can expect improved real time functionality, additional controls, and smarter processing that helps you get to an even better starting point for your vocals or master.

What’s new in Nectar Pro?

  • Real time interaction, more control: We’ve updated the settings and controls in Nectar Pro’s Vocal Assistant to help you better see and hear what processing is happening while adjusting new qualities like Intensity and Tone.
  • Sung and spoken vocal detection: Nectar Pro can now detect a sung or a rap vocal, and can narrow down the best range of options for your specific vocal.
  • Personalized character EQ: Nectar Pro now uses improved processing to make more intelligent EQ decisions for your audio.

What’s new in Ozone Pro?

  • EQ Improvements and EQ Scaling: We’ve upgraded the logic of both the Dynamic EQ and the Equalizer to avoid boosting low end if your music already has energy in that frequency range and added a new EQ scaling control.
  • More Ozone upgrades are coming soon with a focus on improving loudness and clarity, speeding up the Master Assistant workflow and upgrading its controls.

Nectar Pro and Ozone Pro are included in iZotope’s Producers Club and Music Production Suite Pro memberships. Both subscription offerings include a collection of industry-leading audio tools, members-only learning content, and more. These assistant upgrades mark the first of many regular updates to iZotope’s memberships, meaning users will always have the most cutting-edge and up to date music production tools, technology, and techniques at their fingertips.

Nectar Pro and Ozone Pro upgrades are available to all new and existing members of iZotope’s Producers Club and Music Production Suite Pro members.

After a seven day free trial, Producers Club is available for $19.99/month and Music Production Suite Pro is available for $24.99/month. Both subscriptions can be canceled at any time, and are available to purchase from iZotope’s online store.