Violectric phono preamp PPA V790 offers great flexibility for demanding audiophiles

Violectric V790 Front Azo s

Violectric introduces the PPA V790 made by the people who have inspired and wowed journalists and users with their headphones amps for years. The new preamp boasts outstanding sound properties and features six programmable phono inputs, making it the perfect centrepiece for discerning vinyl fans.

Vinyl enthusiasts have been waiting for a phono preamp like this, now Violectric presents the PPA V790. Many fans of the black gold regularly use a variety of record players, some high-end systems even offer the option to install multiple arms. Changes to the setup often also require extended experimentation with different systems, as absolute sound can only be achieved by precisely tuning the components. The PPA V790 offers six phono inputs that can be individually calibrated to ideally accommodate the connected cartridge. The settings can be saved for each input separately. With this feature set, the PPA V790 clearly speaks to music fans with high standards. Its technical properties are designed appropriately: the newly developed discreet input stage boasts specifications bordering on the impossible.

A high-quality cartridge my basically work with any phono preamp, but to fully exploit its potential, the system must be finely tuned for maximum synergy. The PPA V790 by Violectric accounts for this fact in its own special way. It does not simply offer a choice between MM and MC systems, instead allowing for a more detailed calibration of the signal path. Eight input impedances can be selected for MC cartridges, MM systems have a choice of eight different capacities. For the ideal interaction with following components, the V790 provides a boost function. A clipping LED indicates overload. A subsonic filter with 6 dB per octave at 20 Hz protects the speakers from unwanted low-frequency signals and cleans up the bass response. Despite all this flexibility, day-to-day operation is very simple: all settings can be saved for each input. Once set up, the technology takes a back seat and the music gets the spotlight.

The six input pairs of the Violectric PPA V790 provide ample inputs for even the most extensive vinyl shrines. The first three inputs are balanced XLR connectors, the next three are unbalanced RCA. This ensures compatibility with pretty much any phono output. The same configuration can be found for the outputs: balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA for connecting to any listening setup.

The developers behind Violectric have been writing recording studio history for 35 years. The microphone preamps, headphone amplifiers and analog-to-digital-converters by Lake People are often quoted as the best of their kind. This experience is the foundation for the Violectric PPA V790: the phono preamp offers a signal integrity like a modern high-end studio. DC coupled inputs with cascadable bipolar transistors provides great bandwidth, low distortion and impeccable transient reproduction. At an amplification of 66 dB, the signal-to-noise ratio is at an astonishing 143 dB.

In addition to the conventional RIAA equalisation of the record’s frequency response, the PPA V790 also has options for historical vinyl records in full quality, specifically older American pressings. Many of the records published in the USA between 1942 and 1956 were coded to NAB or Columbia LP standards. These recordings are often only playable with additional DSP equalizers unfit for truly audiophile aspirations. The PPA V790 provides the respective EQ curves at the press of a button – fully analogue and with pristine accuracy. Precision is a Violectric hallmark: the variance for all three equalisation curves is below 0.1 dB.

Phono preamplifier Violectric PPA V790 is available from 3. quarter of 2021 at retailers and through The MSRP is 3,990.00 euros.