Yamaha’s ADECIA Ceiling Solution for Remote Conferencing Is Now Shipping


Yamaha announces that the new all in one ceiling based audio conferencing solution, ADECIA, is now shipping across Europe. Designed to deliver efficient, streamlined collaboration and boost productivity, ADECIA brings new levels of optimised, stress-free remote communications to a wide variety of conferencing environments.

Announced in September 2020, the ADECIA Ceiling Solution applies automated room tuning and dynamic voice tracking, tackling challenges of conference environments head on whilst providing a complete, customizable audio solution for high quality remote collaboration.

Based on Dante audio networking, ADECIA systems are very easy to install, set up and operate. The heart of the system is the RM-CR conference processor. The peripheral VXL1-16P line array speakers and optimized SWR2311P-10G PoE+ switch also form a key part of the complete solution. The system setup requires no prior technical knowledge. The RM-CR automatically recognizes microphones and speakers on the same network. During commissioning it automatically sets the optimum sound settings for the environment, taking into account the location of speakers and microphones, the room’s reverberation characteristics and echo responses.

The auto-tuning is achieved with a simple, five-step process using a special web-based interface. The system then performs auto mixing of all connected Dante audio sources. The conference processor can handle a wide range of sources, including dynamic microphones, analogue line level I/O, USB, Bluetooth and SIP telephony

The RM-CG dynamic ceiling array microphone features multi-beam tracking technology which focuses on human voices. Thanks to the spiral layout of its microphone elements, the RM-CG provides the narrowest, most precise beam for voice capture, while continuous background noise is eliminated using Yamaha’s advanced noise reduction algorithms and Human Voice Activity Detection (HVAD). Combined with its beam tracking technology, it can clearly pick up individual voices, even when more than one person is speaking.

Dante audio, control and power are all supplied through one LAN cable, while three different mounting methods - ceiling, VESA and wire mount - are possible to suit any space.

The RM-CG microphone and RM-CR processor are also designed to work seamlessly with other Yamaha or third-party components for even more flexible system design.

Yamaha will be developing further ADECIA solutions, but the actual ADECIA Ceiling Solution is available at selected Yamaha partners all over Europe and there will be the opportunity to hear the best audio quality in demo calls, that can be arranged. Hear our ADECIA systems which provide a comfortable and effortless remote conferencing experience in all kinds of spaces.