VERT@home - the new column for room-filling sound

VERT 12 004 C MONACOR AdobeStock Dash new
Picture credit: Monacor/ AdobeStock: Dash

The brand new VERT-12 column system from MONACOR is the attractive sound solution for musicians, entertainers as well as educational institutions. And the system is also a real eye-catcher within your own four walls. In these times, an impressive LIVE sound for the home is more in demand than ever.

With its slim column design, despite the 30 cm subwoofer for noticeably deep bass, the VERT-12 blends in with its surroundings. A high-quality textured finish on the wooden cabinet makes the system a tactile experience.

The 12-inch woofer as well as the 2-channel Class D power amplifier module and the DSP sound control are integrated in the floorstanding module. When fully assembled at a height of 2.20 metres, the two column elements stand on top of the subwoofer, connected by a convenient bolt-and-socket system. While the middle element is functionally only for the signal line, the upper acoustically relevant module contains 6 full-range drivers and a special tweeter. The high positioning of this reproduction segment, which is significant for audio perception, leads to a sound experience that fills the room. If the VERT-12 is used in an environment with a predominantly seated auditorium, it is recommended to remove the middle segment.

Wherever the VERT-12 is used, the appropriate connection options are integrated. The Bluetooth function offers the most convenient connection option for audio sources such as a smartphone. Furthermore, there is a stereo line input in cinch version for hi-fi players, professional XLR/jack inputs for microphones or other audio tools. And although 700 watts of audio power can be provided for large party use, the VERT-12 remains silent even without disturbing fans. This means that the VERT system is also a convincing new solution for use in the living room at home from 35 square metres upwards, and can be perfectly integrated into a modern ambience.

MONACOR's VERT-12 is available immediately from specialist dealers.