TOA’s new IP horn speaker: A powerful voice for every communication system

TOA IP A1SC15 new

TOA’s IP-A1SC15, a weather resistant IP horn loudspeaker, is based on open standards, connects directly to standard IP networks, and easily integrates with VMS (Video Management Systems) or SIP-based communication systems via ONVIF/SIP. The IP horn speaker broadcasts crystal-clear, live announcements or pre-recorded voice messages, which are triggered manually or automatically by VoIP (Voice over IP), SIP phone systems, IP camera systems, image sensing or motion detection video systems at a maximum sound pressure level of 124 dB, i.e. to react immediately with a live announcement in an emergency situation.

The IP horn speaker is a complete stand-alone PA-system with high-quality speaker, built-in 15W power amplifier and integrated audio source for 20 pre-recorded messages in a single unit. It supports Power over Ethernet (PoE+).

The IP horn loudspeaker can easily be integrated with existing VMS, SIP systems, Intercom systems or hazard detection systems and be linked to VCA (Video Content Analysis) systems. Automated or situational messages can be broadcasted in excellent speech quality, zone by zone.

The connection of the IP horn speaker with PoE+ enables the integrated 15W power amplifier to broadcast excellent sound quality at up to 124dB sound pressure level over long distances. This makes it suitable for places with a high environmental noise level.

The robust housing enables the operation even in extreme conditions between -30 and +55°C and comes with protection class IP66 (Dust/Water Protection).

The IP horn speaker IP-A1SC15 is simple to install wherever audio announcements are needed. A single network cable provides both power and connectivity with existing networks.

The device can be controlled and customized individually using the provided API (Application Programming Interface). By using Browser Line commands, the speaker can be integrated into existing control programs in a very simple way. The volume settings can be individually adjusted via API and optimized to time, distance, and degree of emergency. The IP horn speaker offers fine volume control to increase or decrease the input level of the sound sources one by one to set it to a uniform output standard. Whether depending on the environmental noise level or the source used, whether live or pre-recorded messages are broadcasted – the extensive range of settings and control options ensures that speech intelligibility is always optimal, and the output is harmonized.

The settings of TOA's IP horn loudspeaker enable different transmission paths e.g. via http, ONVIF, or SIP protocols, including SIP multicast broadcasting to defined groups of loudspeakers (zone transmission).

Message prioritization ensures the secure transmission of important announcements.