Amate Audio’s new flagship point source line array killer

Ultra compact 2x 10” cabinet boasts levels of performance exceeding that of four compact line array elements

X102FD 3 AmateAudio

Amate Audio is launching the X102FD, a powerful, high output point source active 2x 10” system, developed to offer a higher performance, higher efficiency alternative to line arrays, in medium and smaller size application environments.

Capable of power and performance far in excess of its ultra-compact form factor, in these applications, a single pair of cabinets will outperform two strings of 4x 8” line array elements. In any application, fewer X102FD systems will always be required than with other cabinets. Weighing just 32 kg, the cabinets can be deployed and rigged by just one or two people; without the infrastructure, man-hours and effort required to fly a line array.

Truly a multifunctional system, the X102FD can be deployed both vertically and horizontally, due to its rotatable horn with a simple “no tools required” pull, turn and release mechanism. In vertical FOH applications, the horn provides 80° x 60° (HxV) dispersion (in its default position). In the horizontal plane – for applications such as front fills within a large-scale line array system, or close to the ceiling hanging in an auditorium – quick rotation of the horn maintains the same dispersion. Likewise, 60° x 80° (HxV) coverage can be obtained in either plane.

With cabinets already rolling off the production lines in Barcelona, the company is confident that the X102FD offers its customers a highly efficient cost saving solution in a multiplicity of applications. “Partnered with the company’s latest X218WF sub-bass, the X102FD offers sound companies a ready phase-aligned, full-range, plug-and-play sound system that will deliver a lot of power without the need move a lot of weight,” says Head of Sales, Jordi Amate. “In terms of cost of purchase and operation, the X102FD is far ahead of any line array solution for venues and events of up to around 1000 people.”

An advanced electro-acoustic and electronic systems design, the X102FD cabinet incorporates an internal geometry of exceptional ingenuity, with 2x 10 “ drivers in a symmetrical V-formation, with a centrally mounted 1.4?neodymium HF driver and ‘pull & turn’ aluminium rotatable horn. Other features of the extraordinary cabinet architecture include custom designed polyurethane LF phase plugs, and the fabrication of the bass-reflex ports behind the speaker baffle to further reduce the dimensions of the enclosure.

The X102FD introduces a further iteration of the ‘next generation’ Active+ integrated power and control platform. Delivering up to 3000 W 2-way continuous power, it enables the X102FD to continuously output up to136 dB SPL, while Active+ system presets with advanced FIR filters configure and 0º phase-align the cabinet in a matter of seconds.

First introduced in 2005 on its first line array, integrated control electronics have become an increasingly powerful feature of the company’s premium active loudspeaker systems. Revolutionizing the job of system engineers Active+ takes operational efficacy to new heights, providing a suite of tools to setup and tune the loudspeaker systems in a fraction of the time required by conventional active systems. These include independent dual limiting (RMS thermal and peak) on each power channel, high-order crossovers, LCD touchscreen operation and monitoring on the cabinet rear-panel, EcoMode power settings (inc. auto input signal detection), Ethernet remote control (with the company’s DSP Studio3 software), 300ms/100m delay, and advanced high-order FIR filtering providing fully phase coherent PEQ adjustment and absolute phase alignment of common cabinet couplings. Active+ also provides Dante audio networking via the two rear-panel Ethernet ports.

Ergonomic carry handles integrated within the rear panel of the cabinet make handling of the system possible by a single person. Rigging accessories include a flying bar, pole mount and an accessory for rigging one cabinet on top of or (if flown) below another; in the vertical position. ‘tour proof ‘ construction is of reinforced Baltic plywood with weather resistant Polyurea coating and integrated protective rubber profiles. Also featured are integrated rigging points and pole mount socket.