TOA Electronics Europe expands the range of EN54-certified loudspeakers

TOA F Serie Ceiling Gruppe

The ceiling speakers of the F-Series of TOA Electronics Europe GmbH are now also available in an EN54-certified version. They complement the available speakers for use in voice alarm systems with models for excellent music reproduction.

This means that integrated public address and voice alarm systems can also be equipped with suitable loudspeakers so that the sound quality remains constant regardless of the position of the listener. The problem with conventional loudspeakers is that their radiation angle decreases significantly towards high frequencies.

With extra-wide dispersion as an essential part of the overall design, F-Series ceiling speakers provide balanced dispersion without loss of high frequencies over a wide area. There is also no "hotspot" of high frequencies directly under the speaker.

This dispersion pattern allows the F-Series to achieve high sound quality over a wide range with significantly less than with conventional speakers. This means that cabling and installation costs can be significantly reduced. Typical applications include shopping malls, office buildings, hotels and retail stores.

In many buildings, a voice alarm system according to EN standards is mandatory. With TOA's wide range of certified speakers an excellent speaker for every kind of application is available.