KEM 970/975 - Excellent sound quality in the Bundestag, state parliaments and beyond

Microtech Gefell KEM-975 at the German Landtag

Information from the highest authority – from the German Bundestag – has been announced since the opening of the Bundestag in the former Reichstag building in Berlin in 1997 via the microphone KEM 970 to the Republic and the whole world.

Meanwhile, the KEM 970 or its somewhat more compact successor KEM 975 is also used in many state parliaments and in foreign parliaments, e.g. in the federal state of Thuringia, but also in Hesse, Baden-Württemberg, North Rhine-Westphalia.

Bodo Ramelow, Prime Minister of Thuringia, is today also often seen at the lectern behind this technically advanced product and above all can be heard in the best sound quality.

The beginning of a long history - "Neumann bottles" in the first Bundestag and Bundesrat

1949 - The opening of the German Bundestag in the former Reichstag building was a memorable event, also for the Georg Neumann KG, the mother of Microtech Gefell.

The legendary CMVs from the Neumann company were already in use at the first session of the Bundestag and the inaugural meeting of the Federal Council on September 7, 1949 in Bonn

Paul Loebe, as oldest member of parliament who presides until the new president takes up office, opened the first session as the president by seniority. Dr. Köhler ceremoniously assumed the office of the first president of the first German Bundestag. They spoke to the founding fathers of the Federal Republic of Germany, guests of honor and members of parliament such as Dr. Konrad Adenauer, Prof. Carlo Schmid, Dr. Schumacher, Ernst Reuter and Heinrich Kopf. At the speakers desk - a CMV, also called "Neumann bottle" with a M7 capsule.

"Neumann-Bottles" have accompanied historical moments and can still be seen in the MTG museum.

MTG Museum Vitrine mit  MV Sammlung

Microtech Gefell is today the only company that manufactures the M7 capsule, which was developed back in 1936, without any modifications. Even today, M7-equipped microphones, such as the vintage CMV 563 microphone, still deliver outstanding results, especially for vocal recordings that can be perfectly integrated into a mix. In addition, there are also M7 enhancements that feature a more linear frequency response and better noise characteristics. These microphones are particularly useful as support microphones for instruments and wherever a particularly neutral reproduction is required.

From the Bundestag to the home studio - with high-quality microphones, Microtech Gefell is doing its best, especially during the corona crisis, to keep everyone up to date with the latest information in a reliable and timely manner, fail-safe and in the best comprehensible way.

Microtech Gefell KEM-975 Concert Opera Theatre

Everyone often feels confused by the today’s information that overtake each other. Microtech Gefell, a daughter of 92-year-old Georg-Neumann & Co. KG, always ensures that the sound is good in all cases, so that this situation does not get worse due to poor acoustics or poor transmission quality.

Back then as today, the small, medium-sized microphone manufacturer in Gefell, which has been based in East Thuringia since 1943, ensures reliable and error-free information and sound transmission.

Short marginal note - the KEM is also ideally suited for musical applications, for example for recordings in opera and concert halls. For this purpose, a so-called delta capsule can optionally be attached behind the microphone in the KEM 975 to extend the cardioid level characteristic down to the bass frequencies. This allows, among its other advantages, optimal recordings of a choir placed above the orchestra - for example, in renowned venues in Germany and abroad, such as the Leipzig Gewandhaus, the Deutsche Staatsoper Berlin, the Konzerthaus Berlin and opera, theatre and concert halls in Austria, Poland and Australia - without the crosstalk of the orchestra instruments becoming excessive.