DIY Speaker set: KATANA from MONACOR

The new DIY set KATANA from MONACOR provides an ideal start to building speakers yourself. Based on the open baffle principle, a speaker system has been created which will be a treat, even for the trained ear

Monacor KATANA S web

The front of the KATANA M1 is made of high-quality beech multiplex wood. It features a neat workmanship and the untreated wood allows for an individual design. Three selected hi-fi speakers are to be mounted into the prepared cutouts. A specially developed crossover network is made from individual components according to the construction plan and placed at the base of the KATANA. This crossover network enables the finished speaker to deliver an excellent sound experience. The open back construction allows for a realistic and convincingly spatial sound image.

You only need a screwdriver, a side cutter and a soldering iron to implement the unique building concept. All other components and materials are included in the delivery.

The finished speaker system (4 Ohm, 120 Watts power capability) can be driven by a powerful hi-fi amplifier. In an audio frequency range from 45 to 20,000 Hz with a rated SPL of 85 dB, the system is able to also deliver levels beyond moderate volume levels.