Amate Audio announces premium installation loudspeaker

Compact 2-way design characterised by signature styling, superior performance and ease of use in either low impedance or 100V line operation

Amate Audio G7 3colourlineup angled

The G7 is the first in a new family of premium installation / integrator loudspeaker cabinets, designed to provide compact high performance solutions, where looks and sound are everything; in retail, hospitality, recreation, enterprise and culture application environments.

A 2-way system within an EN54-24 certifiable, hexagonal-form, reinforced ABS plastic enclosure, the G7 is as striking in appearance as it is crystal clear, articulate and musical sounding. Not to mention powerful; the continuous program power handling capabilities rated at 120 W, providing for 112 dB SPL. So a lesser number of cabinets is required for any installation, operating well within their range of capability, leaving sufficient headroom for instances where higher output may be required.

In addition to its exclusive Amate Audio cabinet design, a wealth of premium features set it far apart from all of the ubiquitous me-too product crowding the market. These features include the high-performance 6.5” carbon-fibre woofer and 1” titanium dome, neodymium tweeter, aluminium grille and hardware, outdoor ready construction and recessed connector panel with ergonomic protective cover, and integrated U-bracket mounts for the supplied wall mount. Recessed screw sockets provide compatibility with Amate Audio’s SP-6N wall mount for dual-axis orientation.

The exceptional, full-range frequency response, from such a compact design, is the result of a complex internal architecture that includes a custom designed HF phase plug and flare, and a bass-reflex port extending the LF response of the genuine carbon-fibre coned woofer. This remarkable 6.5” transducer provides an output and LF response equivalent to a normal 8” driver. A second order crossover network ensures that response across the full frequency range is smooth.

From the perspective of an installer or AV integrator, a significant design feature is that both standard low impedance and 100V line applications are possible with the same model. Simply unscrewing the rear connector plate and replacing it with a T-G7 transformer plate enables the G7 for 100V line applications with switchable 5 W / 10 W / 20 W / 40 W power settings.

Affirming the significance of the G7 in further developing the company’s commercial audio offering, Amate Audio Head of Sales, Jordi Amate says, “We did not want to come to this product sector just with a similar look and equivalently spec’d performance. With the G7 we have something else, something more; something that ultimately allows installers to offer a better customer experience. For sure, this is the highest quality to price ratio yet achieved with a plastic cabinet.”

The G7 is scheduled for release in June and will be available in white, black and titanium colour schemes.