LABRAT eight pro - Passive 8“ coaxial Loudspeaker

Westlab eight pro front

The LABRAT eight pro is a very compact loudspeaker with the assertiveness that one would normally expect from products that have a significantly larger design. Consistent phase linearity is anchored in the basic product philosophy of the WestLab audio brand, as this product shows also. In terms of STI and resolution, the LABRAT eight pro is definitely located in the quality segment in which the air is already thin.

The natural features that a WestLab box has to meet can be found in the LABRAT eight pro as follows: A multifunctional housing made of multiplex with scratch-resistant and impact-resistant textured paint. A ball-proof grid in the front, which is also sound-permeable on the sides, prevents side reflections and makes a significant contribution to the LABRAT eight pro still being in a range of less than -5 dB sound pressure drop to far, even at a listening angle of 45 ° radiates precisely over 10 kHz. The housing construction is consistently designed in such a way that resonances are avoided and partial vibrations are prevented in such a way that the result meets the highest requirements in professional use.

Westlab eight pro back

A special feature in this speaker class are the two back panels, each with a Speakon - in and a Speakon - link. The advantage of this design is evident when the LABRAT eight pro is used not only as a standing box, but also with different angles as a monitor, or as a fill at any point on stages or auditoriums where flexible positioning is required. The accessories include a stainless steel bracket that can be fixed in a total of 18 positions with a spring pin, the horizontal bracket is freely lockable.

All metal parts on the LABRAT eight pro - including the screws used - are so surface-treated that neither climatic challenges, which WestLab products have to face all over the world, nor mechanical influences impair the longevity of such a box. All in all, the LABRAT eight pro is a multitool that finds its place in system integration wherever high resolution and assertiveness are required, but at the same time on stages, in the event sector and for mobile requirements with precision and clarity following the original, impressing the audience.

Technical Specifications:

Passive 8“ coaxial Loudspeaker

Dimensions: H 380 x W 226 x D 242 mm

Weight: 8,5 kg

Power Handling: (RMS/Program/Peak)200/400/800 W
Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohm
Sensitivity : (1W/1m)93 dB
Max SPL (peak): 124 dB
Frequency Range (-6 dB): 58 Hz - 21 kHz
Directivity: 90° x 90°