SPEAR Labs Triton 1 distributed by cma audio

Mobile audiophile sound with exquisite materials and innovative technology

cma audio Spear Labs Triton 1 in-ear

Beginning 1st April 2020, the American manufacturer SPEAR Labs is distributed in Europe, Africa and the Middle East by cma audio exclusively. The debut product Triton 1 starts the new cooperation with a bang: the classy in-ear headphones are a novelty in pretty much every way possible and a true gem for audiophile listening.

There is high-quality, there is high-end – and there is the Triton 1 by SPEAR Labs. The explicit aim during the development of this new in-ear from the USA was to transcend limitations and create the ultimate earphones without compromise. The result is breathtaking: made from rare materials like sterling silver and obsidian and endowed with innovative driver technology, the Triton 1 takes the company’s name literally, spearheading earphone development. It offers audiophile listening pleasure beyond high-end.

The Triton 1 experience begins with the materials, expertly crafted by SPEAR Labs in Tennessee. The casing is made from solid sterling silver, appreciated in the making of musical instruments for its warm timbre, but also adding great thermal regulation and antimicrobial properties. Next is the titanium sound chamber – the metal is difficult to process, but rewards the effort with a unique sense of space. The titanium used for the Triton 1 is recycled from a stealth fighter jet. Finally, the earphones are sealed with an obsidian lid with the company logo laid in. This volcanic glass used in jewellery and even surgical instruments, contributes outstanding isolation to the acoustical properties of the Triton 1 – and it also grants the earphones their special black shine.

The SPEAR Labs Triton 1 diverts three ways to four drivers: the system is called the Hybrid Acoustically Balanced Universal technology, or HABU in short. Every driver has been optimised for the Triton 1. The first is a specifically designed dynamic driver with a laminated five-layered 10-mm membrane. Next is a world premier: the magneto-static ACT driver provides and exceptional frequency range with virtually no distortion. The driver system is completed by a set of dual balanced armature transducers finely tuned to the Triton 1. This proprietary three-way system ensures that the earphones sonically deliver on the promises made by the exterior design.

Earphones can only ever be as good as their fit, so SPEAR Labs provides something special in this regard as well: the Nform ear tips were specially developed and consist of nano foam. They seal the ear particularly well and perfectly accommodate modern requirements with regards to high-resolution audio, high levels of environmental noise and an active lifestyle. The Xtreme Temperature Resistance (XTR) series maintains its pliability even in situations with wildly varying temperature and humidity levels. Nform XTR ear tips are hygienically immaculate and can easily be worn for extended periods of time.

The SPEAR Labs Triton 1 is a composition of unrivalled excellence. Three extraordinary materials and four superb drivers for three ways all combine to create a fine piece of jewellery that enthrals with its delicate feel, its terrific sound and its enchantingly good looks. Greek sea god Triton may rule the ocean waves – the SPEAR Labs Triton 1 rules the sound waves.

The scope of delivery for the SPEAR Labs Triton 1 includes a braided copper/silver hybrid cable with Pentaconn connectors, a sturdy leather case and a set of Nform XTR ear tips. Distributor cma audio will also include an adapter from Pentaconn to regular 3.5-mm jack. The Triton 1 will be available from end of April. The MSRP is 2,999.00 EUR.

cma audio Spear Labs Triton-1 case