AUDAC Touch 2

AUDAC Touch Ipad IphoneX

Belgian pro audio manufacturer AUDAC has released the 2.0. update of it’s already renowned AUDAC Touch app. AUDAC strongly believes in out of your pocket controllable audio solutions and with the Touch app you can control your entire audio installation and even more from one single application.

With this release of the AUDAC touch 2.0 update, AUDAC is introducing several ground-breaking new features such as Automatic Device Discovery. With this new feature the app will now automatically recognize and name all AUDAC devices in your system so you can easily add them to your dashboards and widgets.

The compatibility with their own product range was also addressed. As a result you can now mix and control the inputs of AUDAC's flagship matrix system, the M2 Multimedia digital audio mixer, directly from the app. The NMP40, AUDAC's recently launched audio streaming SourceCon module for Spotify and Soundtrack Your Brand integration is now also supported, allowing you to easily integrate and control both streaming services from within the application.

By combining the AUDAC Touch 2 app with the ARU Multi-channel digital relay units you can add and toggle-control third party devices such as your projector, lights or curtains making the AUDAC touch app a total solution.

When developing this new AUDAC Touch 2 version, AUDAC’s main focus was simplicity. As they really sought to bridge the gap between the extensive range of possibilities that the AUDAC products offer and an excellent user experience for all users, with or without technical backgrounds. Using this freely available solution, the installer now gets the configuration and usability of a consumer app but with professional functionalities.

Supported platforms include: Linux, iOS, Android and Windows.