punQtum B.V. Introduces New Technology And A Business Model

Arien van den Broek

“Network-based” is the magic term that makes the difference in both, product technology and business model. punQtum is the brainchild of audio professional, businessman and entrepreneur, Arie van den Broek. The new company promises to combine disruptive technologies with a new, disruptive business model to bring products to professional users. Focusing on networked audio tools for audio professionals across a range of applications, punQtum is a new company whose first release will be a digital intercom product based on standard IP network and AES67 technology for maximum versatility and ease of use. Applications range from live performance to broadcast to houses of worship and more.

However, the technology is only one part of the punQtum experience. What sets the company apart is the way the products are brought to market. Arie van den Broek explains: “Our approach is entirely community-based.” Instead of the traditional distributor/dealer model punQtum talks to the professionals directly. The company is interested in the community’s expertise and experience but also in the community’s demand and ideas. “We believe that collaboration and shared experience is the route to success and that is why we are fully committed to the community model.”

The business model builds on the idea that nobody is a better sales person than the guy who actually uses the products on a daily basis. But instead of sending their peers to a dealer, the ‘punQtum Experts’ benefit from sending their business contacts to the punQtum online shop. “Depending on the contribution of the expert involved we are willing to share up to 25% of the revenue for a closed deal,” Arie points out and is sure, that for many in the professional audio business this is a perfect opportunity to establish a small but profitable side business.

“This is our understanding of a community. We are not only talking to and supporting each other. We also share the profit. That is why we claim to be different.”