Tascam Announces Wall-Mount Controller for the MX 8A Matrix Mixer

RC W100 R86 pr

Tascam have introduced the RC-W100, a wall-mountable programmable remote controller which extends the comfort of any sound reinforcement system where the Tascam MX-8A matrix mixer is at the centre.

Four switch buttons and one encoder with push-button function allow users to select between four or eight audio sources, adjust volume levels and mute sound in a permanently installed audio system. The easy-to-read, illuminated display provides information about the selected audio source and the current volume setting.

Up to eight controllers can be used with one mixer by daisy-chaining the units via an RS-485 connection with a cable length of up to 200 meters. End-users can be prevented from making mistakes by assigning only necessary functions to the encoder and switches using the Tascam MX Connect configuration software.