Aspen Media Presents Keep-It-Simple Dante Audio From UNiKA

UNiKA NBB 1616 Front

New technology often carries an overhead that complicates previously simple tasks. AoIP, for example, has many tangible benefits, but straightforward jobs such as extending the mic inputs of a sound desk to a stagebox or connecting an extra foldback speaker now require a laptop, software and precious extra time to remotely set routes and adjust the levels.

Busy audio and AV engineers will therefore appreciate UNiKA Pro Audio’s growing range of keep-it-simple Dante audio products that have been introduced to the UK by audio equipment distributor Aspen Media.

Chris Collings, Managing Director of Aspen Media, says: “An interesting benefit of this simpler approach is that it results in more robust construction and pristine analogue audio design than would otherwise have been possible.”

UNiKA’s Dante input and output nodes all feature immediately accessible front panel rotaries that adjust gain or attenuation, and push buttons to activate phantom power or insert pads. Once the mic or speaker is connected, users can set the level and walk away as there’s no need to even look at the laptop, let alone open any software or do any clicking.

UNiKA’s top of the range NBB1616 16ch input and output analogue-to-Dante node is easy to configure and connect. When connected via a single network cable, two units form a simple point-to-point bi-directional 16 channel digital snake. However, setting all 32 digital connections is a quick press of a single button on the rear of one of the units.

The NBB1616 has XLRs for all analogue connections and can be expanded to 32 channels by connecting an NBB1616Ex expander to each unit, with four short cables. The NBB1616 can also be easily integrated into multi-device Dante networks, providing 16 or 32 XLR input and output channels wherever the units are deployed.

The UNiKA range also includes three more simple Dante I/O devices, all equipped with rotaries and switches for controlling the analogue audio paths.

The NBB0202 is a compact desktop or rackmountable two channel bi-directional interface with input and output level controls, while the NBB04R and NBB04T are stackable four channel input and output devices respectively.