Voice-Acoustic PD-32-6 V2, professional power distributor with new possibilities

voice acoustic pd32 6 powercon true1 01

Parallel to the 6 Schuko sockets, the distributor is now available with powerCON TRUE1, conventional powerCON grey and 16-pin multipin outputs. With the multipin outputs, all phases can be distributed over a Lastmulticore and e.g. for the wiring of moving heads on the truss. The Schuko hinged cover sockets can optionally be replaced by Swiss T23 standard or French/Belgian Schuko.

The precise multi measuring instrument registers extensive current and voltage measured values and also contains an operating hours counter.

For increased operational reliability, the PD-32-6 V2 features RCBO combination automats as a special feature. Each automat is a 16A circuit breaker with the slow characteristic C and at the same time a Residual Current Protective Device (RCD). With conventional power distributors, the RCD disconnects all three phases from the mains like a main switch. No output then carries voltage. On the PD-32-6, only one of 6 circuit breakers trips and the remaining 5 continue to operate. This allows the fault to be located more quickly and there is no total failure of all phases.

An earthing screw is available for earthing truss or stage constructions.

The internal wiring is carried out with 2.5 and 6 qmm cable cross-section. The distributor is made in Germany and delivered with a test report.