Lawo @ Prolight + Sound

Lawo A__UHD Core with 1,024 fully featured IP DSP Channels on 1RU

Lawo A UHD CORE Detail

Lawo presents at Prolight + Sound (Hall 8, Stand C28) its innovative UHD Core, a network-based, software-defined audio DSP engine with unparalleled processing density elevating Lawo mc²56 and mc²96 consoles to the next dimension.

Utilizing the IP network as an extension of the console core’s backplane, Lawo’s UHD Core can be located anywhere on the network. Its ultra-high processing density with 1,024 fully featured mc² DSP channels can either be utilized by a single mc² console for coping with even the most challenging productions or be shared amongst up to four consoles. Due to a flexible licensing model the UHD Core is ideal for both mobile applications and facility use. For mobile productions the scalable DSP performance with temporary licenses is a great way to turn CAPEX into OPEX, whilst in facility applications the possibility of resource pooling and flexible allocation of DSP resources to multiple consoles can significantly increase the utilization of the audio infrastructure investments.

The UHD Core features low-noise cooling and is set to fulfil highest demands in production quality and reliability. Eight independent 10/1GbE network interfaces with SFPs enable the use of redundant networks via ST2022-7 seamless protection switching (SPS). A__UHD Core’s total network I/O capacity equals 40,000 48kHz/24bit audio channels. For management the unit provides two redundant RJ45 1GbE management ports. In addition, full hardware redundancy is achieved by a 2nd hot spare unit which permanently mirrors all settings.

The system latency is comparable with conventional architectures connected via the backplane: a special high-performance RAVENNA profile provides network roundtrip latency in the sub-millisecond range whilst the processing power and speed of the UHD core outperforms the processing latency of multiple DSP devices.

As the UHD Core’s functionally is defined by its software, it’s a future-proof investment with a feature-set that is designed to expand.