Lawo Real-world IP Video, Audio, Control and Monitoring Products at NAB 2019

Lawo mc2 56 DualFader PRESS

Again a “must-visit” destination at the Las Vegas Convention Center’s North Hall, IP broadcast pioneer Lawo showcases several new products at NAB.
“Whenever broadcasters gather together, IP is the topic,” says Andreas Hilmer, Director, Marketing and Communications. “Video and audio networks are converging at an incredible rate, and broadcasters are re-thinking their infrastructure. We do not just talk about IP, we do IP! We have contributed to the success of customers in more than 50 major real-world IP projects. If you’re coming to NAB with IP in mind, make sure to see us.”

New Lawo products on display at NAB include:

The award-winning ruby Mixing Console debuts SMPTE ST2022-7 Seamless Protection Switching, adding separate, simultaneous AoIP network links for flawless networking in mission-critical applications. Sleek, intuitive, and powerful, ruby’s customizable, context-sensitive touchscreen GUI provides a smooth, integrated workflow that complements familiar physical controls for error free operation in the fastest-paced production environments.