HK Audio releases three turnkey LINEAR 3 system packages for bands and DJs

LINEAR 3 High Performance Pack

The German pro audio manufacturer has had huge success with system packages in its LINEAR 5 family, and the concept has now been carried over to the LINEAR 3 line. Each of the attractively priced LINEAR 3 system packages offers an ideal combination of various individual LINEAR 3 family components for either bands or DJs who regularly play gigs of a certain size.

The L3 Compact Venue Pack offers enough oomph for bands who perform at small clubs or youth centers. The High Performance Pack has enough juice to rock venues for up to 500 people, while the L3 Bass Power Pack is the ultimate choice for DJs who play bass-heavy music for crowds of up to 250 people.

All three packs have one thing in common: they offer the best plug-and-play solution for artists who have no technical engineer in their road crew and want to focus on their performances, rather than on mixing duties.

Sound preset selections on the mid/high units offer optimal audio adjustments in seconds, while the state-of-the-art integrated DSP delivers phenomenal sound quality. The LINEAR 3 system packages are available now, and all include accessories like dust covers and distance poles.